Three Televisions Shows You Should Be Watching

The Pacific

There’s a good to great chance you’re already watching HBO’s The Pacific. It’s every bit as good as Band of Brothers was, so I won’t waste too much talking about it.

Except to say, if you’re not watching it because you don’t have HBO, then make sure you check it out on DVD or download when it’s available.

There was once scene in the second episode, when the Marines on Guadalcanal were ambushed by Japanese soldiers and all hell breaks loose.  You can’t really tell what’s going on under the cover of the jungle darkness, but it’s frantic.  One soldier is there operating an M-3o and he’s just unleashing a trail of bullets into the jungle.  He ends up killing about 30 Japanese soldiers and even though he was alive to fight another day in the morning, the look on the actors face just about broke my heart.  You could tell that his actions and that night was going to haunt him for the rest of his life.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

This ABC show is an interesting intersection of reality tv, food porn, and cultural anthropology.  And it’s every bit as good as you would hope.  It’s only two episodes in, but I’m fascinated by one British chef’s attempt to infiltrate a closed community and change their eating habits.

Why doesn’t the city want to change?  Why does Oliver constantly shoot himself in the foot by declaring his intentions of starting a “food revolution” of bringing “change”, rather than just offer to help educate a city desperately in need of it.

In many ways, you get the sense the town would be more inclined to listen to what he has to say if it didn’t sound like he was riding the coattails of President Obama.

Regardless, pay particular attention to the school lunch portion of the program and come the realization that “holy shit” this is what I ate throughout high school.  It’s utter crap!  And if for nothing else, I hope the government watches the show, realizes its food guidelines are not working and adjusts them.

Married, Single, Other

Okay, okay.  This is really a show worth telling people about.  Mostly because it’s a British show, airing on the BBC and Lady Oyster discovered it quite accidentally, but it’s a devestatingly good show. 

Imagine if Friends were an hour long drama, and only six episodes long.  There’s no plot fluffing. Imagine if that NBC sitcom had even a modicum of truth and honesty to it.  Imagine if it starred a bunch of unknown actors (save for actress Lucy Davis, she of original The Office fame.)  who, could, you know, actually emote. 

Anyways, Married, Single, Other follows the lives of six British 30-somethings in London.  And it’s actually nice to watch a drama that doesn’t feel contrived, that feels like you’re watching adults try and navigate their boring and trivial lives. 

I could go on and on and on about how much I love this show, or how much it’s grown on me (casual viewer at first to actually sitting down and anticipating each episode) but you’re really better off watching it.

And bring a box of tissues.  You’ll need it at some point.  I promise.

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  • SOM March 30, 2010, 12:05 am

    Although he failed to turn a group of 6 year olds, anyone who watched Jamie Oliver's demonstration of where chicken nuggets come from couldn't possibly ever eat one again.

    • jamesfurbush March 30, 2010, 12:09 am

      Yeah, that creeped me out! And any sort of ground meat would be processed the same way. I really don't think I want to eat ground meat ever again. Well, okay, not at least until I have a burger craving.

  • Amy March 29, 2010, 7:49 pm

    Married, Single, OTher is worth watching purely for the Lucy Davis+beau story line. I am not one of those people who watches TV/Movies and this "OMG – so right on! Get out of my head, writers!!" But I have to break that trend with this one. The relationship between those two characters (and their struggle with a decision to wed) speaks to anyone who doesn't quite connect with the "everyone is doing it/shit-or-get-off/several thousand dollar/dream day/bedazzled mess" that nuptials have become in this country.

    Too bad Mr. Oyster compared the show to friends (albeit a classier version). That made me throw up in my mouth a bit.

    • jamesfurbush March 30, 2010, 12:06 am

      I'm not saying it's anything like Friends, except that it's about six friends at that particular point in their lives, trying to get a grasp on jobs, relationships, etc. So the comparison is pointless, I'll admit, but the overall thematic similarities is fairly similar…