The Most Accurate Map of Gay Marriage Support in America

originalIs it? I don’t know. But, Facebook would like you to believe so based on the data it gleaned from the nearly 3 million users who changed their profile picture in the last week or so. The darker the color red in the map, the higher percentage of users in that area that changed their profile picture to that red equal sign you’ve no doubt seen by now.

Gizmodo points out: “According to Facebook’s calculations, the age group mostly like to be doing the changing as a result of the campaign are around 30. The hottest geographic area for change, as shown by the map above, was Washtenaw County—home of Ann Arbor, Michigan and the University of Michigan—which hit a peak of about 6 percent equal signs.”

The other thing that becomes clear is that support for marriage equality is more complex than typical red state/blue state divide, but that also it’s only a matter of time before this isn’t even an issue at all.

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