1. The longest baseball game in history was played in Barre, VT last week. The game lasted 200 innings, totaling 48 hours, 32 minutes and 45 seconds at the Barre Recreation Field.

2. Do you want to read a really long profile of restauranteur and Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer? Of course you do.

These fears have been definitively put to rest, and Meyer has embraced what he described to me as “the profitability edge” of Shake Shack — an edge that is sharpened by volume and expansion, in contrast to the world of white tablecloths. According to the National Restaurant Association, profit margins in “full service” restaurants, with an average check of $25 or more per person, range from -2 percent to 6.8 percent, with a median of 1.8 percent. Meyer, having perfected fine dining, may only just be beating 30-year Treasurys. Shake Shack changes that, with margins in its category, “limited service,” as high as 13 percent. Of course, odds are that Meyer is beating all these markers. But for the first time in his career, Meyer finds it impossible to visit all his restaurants in a single day. Ubiquity and hands-on attention — essential to his success — are incompatible with expansion.

3. The USA has lost its AAA credit rating from S&P for the first time since 1941. Every politician in Washington should not be reelected. Or at least the fuckers running the show like Boehner, McConnell, Reid, Pelosi, et al.

4. Cocaine use is blowing up.

5. Yesterday’s Astonomy Picture of the Day:

Setting up on a summer night, photographer Mike Rosinski began his exposures, initially planning to capture about 45-55 minutes worth of star trails from his yard in Hartland, Michigan, USA. But he dozed, only to awaken some 3 hours later to find his camera had continued to run until the battery died. Composing the resulting images, the graceful concentric star trails were expected, along with light from a late rising Moon glinting on windows. Still, as he slept on the warm night a blizzard of yellow streaks flooded the scene, not left by fairies but fireflies.

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