First Skyfall Videoblog is Tantalizing but Reveals Little

If you want to know my overall thoughts about the upcoming Bond movie Skyfall and the Daniel Craig-era overall, Drew McWeeny managed to write what I’m feeling. Basically, the franchise has so much going for it, it would be a shame for everyone to drop the ball and not do interesting work. The Bond character and universe he inhabits hasn’t been this interesting, in, well, forever.

“The point is that they’ve opened up an array of possibilities and that’s what makes it exciting again to be a Bond fan. That’s why this is the thing I’m crazy for over some of those other franchise pictures. I hope all of those are good, but this one… I need this one to work. I feel like they’ve got so much going for them, and it would be really heartbreaking for it to not come together. And so even though this first videoblog for “Skyfall” is only two minutes long or so, it’s enough to whet my appetite. Just a little,” McWeeny writes.

It’s a given that I’ll be seeing this one on IMAX for my birthday, which has kind of become tradition whenever there’s a new Bond movie released.

Skyfall will open in theaters in the US on November 9, 2012.

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