Queenie in Trouble: Dogs Dressed as Humans!

Look, it’s a movie recreated with dogs in clothes. Supposedly, the above clip is an excerpt from The Dogway Melody circa 1930. But I think we can all agree with Paul who says, “disturbing, yes, but also adorable. It’s like David Lynch’s answer to I Can Haz Cheezburger.”

It also comes on the heels of the news that Everything is Terrible is going to remake Jodorowsky’s 1973 masterpiece, ‘The Holy Mountain’ out of nothing but clips from dog movies.

So here’s hoping people of the Internet start recreating movies with dogs, just like MGM did between 1929-1931 with what’s become known as the Dogville Comedies. MGM made ten canine shorts, based on famous movies, with dogs as the principle actors. For example, here is “So Quiet on the Canine Front.”

It’s great that even back in 1930, MGM was using bad canine puns for their titles, just like awful porn parodies of Hollywood titles.

Are you telling me that if a modern movie studio did this today and released them as YouTube shorts that they wouldn’t make an absolutely killing on the viral video scene? So we can have recent Oscar nominated fair like “The Black Dog” or “The Canine’s Speech” or “127 Hours Dog” or whatever. Sky’s the limit really. Also? Internet? We’re disappointed in you knowing that 1930 beat you to something you should be doing.

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