Josh Brolin Starring in Spike Lee’s Oldboy Joint

Look, if you had to make an English version of Park Chan-Wook’s masterpiece, Oldboy, then getting Spike Lee to direct (not a perfect choice but a good one), Mark Protosevic to adapt the screenplay and Josh Brolin to star as the man held in prison for 15 years is a good foundation.

The Korean movie came out in 2003, so enough time has passed where hopefully Lee and company can make something that is at the very least … interesting. As long as they don’t waste my time and wuss out. And if they include a scene as mind-exploding as the hallway hammer scene (you guys know what I’m talking about) then we’ll consider it a win. That scene is so iconic it would be foolish to recreate it, but it would be silly to not at least try.


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