Shake Shack Honcho Jumps Into Juice

Danny Meyer, NYC’s famous restaurateur behind the burger joint Shake Shack, is opening up a bunch of juice bars along with Union Square Cafe chef Michael Romano. The reason? Apparently other juice places offer subpar products that lack taste.

creativejuice21His recipes, which will change with the seasons, introduce rarely-pressed ingredients like dried apricot, red cabbage, and kaffir lime leaf. A kale-based green juice also features kohlrabi and jalapeno, while a beet juice contains blood orange pulp, fennel, and shiso (a Japanese herb).

“I was going for that tingle at the end of your palate that makes you want to go back for another sip, just like a good wine,” Romano explains. The juices are even designed to pair with food, he says. (His suggestion: “The Good Fight” blend with roast chicken.)

The menu also includes smoothies with ingredients that range from tofu and turmeric to cashews, cacao nibs, and black pepper, and healthy food offerings like a quinoa and brussels sprouts salad, a grilled squash sandwich, and a beet soup.

Even so, the focus on flavor doesn’t detract from the nutritional value of the ingredients, which remain front and center. Dr. Morrison used a “flavor function concept unique to the juice world” by adding taste elements that serve a specific nutritional purpose. For example, the ginger, lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaf in the “The Good Fight,” the brand’s immunity juice, are all both flavor- and immune system-boosters.

I’m all for upscale burgers and whatnot, but sometimes juice should just be juice. Probably because I only really drink coffee and water.

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