A Panoply of Beer Links: Budweiser Finally Cops to What Everyone Already Knows

banner6There’s a time and place for drinking Budweiser, which is only during sporting events. The problem with Budweiser (Light, Heavy, whatever) is that a six-pack is nearly as expensive as a decent craft beer six-pack that tastes better and has a higher alcohol content. Really, would you rather pay $7 for Bud or spend $12 for Victory’s Golden Monkey?

Anyway, AB InBev is trying to prevent people from discovering this reality with the upcoming introduction of “Black Crown.”

Black Crown is the result of a yearlong project during which Budweiser worked with a dozen brewers to create a more flavorful brew, starting with 12 beers and narrowing it down to six, three and then one. The winning recipe uses a two-row malt, known for its biscuity, caramel flavors, as well as four types of U.S. hops, and is finished on a bed of Beechwood chips. The yeast used is the same as that used in regular Bud, and is descended from the strain used by Adolphus Busch in 1876.

The resultant beer has “more body, color and hop character than the flagship lager,” according to a company rep. Copying another trait of many microbrews, the ABV of Black Crown is a higher 6%, compared to 4.8% ABV for Bud.

Stores and bars will begin carrying Black Crown as early as January 21 in both six-packs and, gulp, 22-oz bombers.

More: If, like many, you are past the point of drinking Bud Light but don’t know where to start with craft beer, the Smithsonian Blog has a great primer.

–Over at the Atlantic Cities, Richard Florida sifted through the data to figure out why craft brewing seemed to boom in certain states.

— The 20 most influential beers of all-time is a list I agree heartily with top-to-bottom, but also a good overview of certain styles of beer.

— Finally! Pantone has released color swatches for beer. The swatches will be available soon, starting at $39. Alexander Michelbach & Daniel Eugster contacted 202 Swiss breweries to make the color swatch and are planning a US edition.

— And, for all those times you can’t finish a 22-oz bomber because you bought a tasty imperial stout or whatever, well, now there’s a bottle opener that also reseals beer bottles courtesy of Hermetus. $9 and it’s yours. Be warned: the opener is in use whenever you are storing a beer, meaning if you open a beer you’ll have to finish it before opening the next.

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