American Breweries Worth a Visit

This article by Forbes, which lists the ten American breweries worth visiting, features Sam Adams, Dogfish Head, Brooklyn, Stone, Deschutes, Rogue, New Belgium, Allagash, Live Oak and Seattle’s all-encompassing Road Dog brewery tour.

The working title for this article was probably “we’re too lazy to pick any interesting breweries so we’ll just list the ten most popular national craft breweries and hope nobody notices.”

What’s most disappointing is that the article could have done something interesting regarding brewery architecture that’s worth seeing, or they could have highlighted some lesser-known craft breweries that are pushing the quality of brewing in America to new territory.

Related: The HuffPost runs down the top 20 craft breweries by sales. Six out of the nine on the Forbes selection made the list of top sellers. Though I was surprised by some of the craft breweries by sales, especially for breweries that sold fairly well without national distribution.

Also, much like how the Huffington Post is erroneously referred to as a blog, can we stop considering Sam Adams a craft brewery? It’s not a knock on their quality, but they’re a huge company. Same with many others on the list.

Maybe I’m over-thinking it, or caring to chose about a silly, semantic point. The Huffington Post isn’t a blog any more than Sam Adams is a craft brewery. I guess it’s the implication of smallness, when they are anything but.

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