“I Like You the Way You Are”

“I Like You the Way You Are” is a demo created by myself and Amanda Curry in an attempt to conquer the world of children’s television. No small feat! Since, this is our first time dipping our toes into the pond, so to speak, we’d love any feedback you might have!

The two of us met while getting our master’s degree in theatre arts at Villanova University and we hope to create quality children’s programming that addresses topics related to “personal development for little humans.” Before getting her master’s in theatre performance and public relations, Amanda’s spent three years as a teacher.

After watching loads of children’s programming as research, it became clear that it’s as important as ever to help teach children to not only love one other, but also to love themselves and the world around them.

There will always be a need for children’s programming that addresses social, emotional, and personal development, along with cognitive development. It is nearly impossible to overstate the importance of these lessons. Just think about where our generation would be if Fred Rogers didn’t want to be our neighbor or LeVar Burton didn’t want to read to us.

Also, after watching you might just think that Amanda is secretly the daughter of Mr. Rogers and Maria from Sesame Street. Plus, the video gave me the opportunity to share my great enthusiasm for puppets for the first time as a performer.

Because — let’s face it — puppets are cool!

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