Rude Hand Gestures Around the Globe

The Atlantic put together a handy reference guide of rude gestures to carry with you wherever you go. It was adapted from Romana Lefevre’s Rude Hand Gestures of the World

Anything that helps travelers better throw down with the locals is fine by me. Here’s “Tacano” over on the right.

In Mexico and parts of South America, the gesture above means “you’re stingy.” In many parts South of the border, the elbow is linked to stinginess. For extra emphasis, you can bang your elbow on the table. In Austria and Germany the same gesture means “You’re an idiot.”

Nothing beats a good middle-finger, but some of these gestures are amazing. Did you know the bull horns/devil sign means your wife is a whore in parts of the eastern Mediterranean? Now you do. [via Clusterflock]

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