Steampunk Palin

Yes, this is a real thing.  Someone had the decency to combine Steampunk and Sarah Palin into a comic book for your (certainly not my) reading pleasure.

The story follows cyborg Palin and Robama (yes he gets blown up and turned into a robot by John McCain) as they battle a shadowy organization … led by Al Gore for control of the world’s energy resources.  Or something.  I sorta stopped paying attention at Steampunk Palin, you know? It took all my energy just to not hit close tab and continue reading about this book.

But I needed to know if it was any good.  “This book is bad. There’s no getting around that. How bad? Well, to be honest when my jaw wasn’t dropping so hard I was worried for the safety of my downstairs neighbors, I was laughing pretty hysterically at the events of the 15-page story for reasons I’m going to go ahead and assume are not intended by the authors.”

Guess I should have just hit close tab. [via comics alliance]

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